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Grapple Truck – our 7DFPS jam game we made with Justin Chan


Play Grapple Truck

We took a break from Hexels last week and joined in on the 7DFPS Game Jam (7 Day First Person Shooter). We teamed up with or talented friend Justin Chan and made a low-poly game where you drive and grapple your way around a desert (click the link above to play it). The jam was a ton of fun! We were all learning new things or getting more familiar with tools like Unity and Blender. We all happen to have the same t-shirt that was made with Hexels so we made it our team shirt ;)

Also, Justin drew these awesome portraits of all of us and a sketch of us and Ken’s dog, Emmy, off-roading :)

portraitsjc_ted_ken_emmy_sketchScreen shot 2013-08-18 at 3.21.16 PMScreen shot 2013-08-18 at 3.15.13 PMjustinchan_7dfps_models

Game ideas we had that didn’t quite make it in
Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 4.45.33 PM

Big scorpions with enemy AI
Land Mines that blow you up or toss you high into the air
Cacti that explode into chunks when you drive into them

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Hexels Devlog: Texture Mode aka Hextures ;)


We’re excited to finally show you yet another feature that will be added to Hexels in version 1.2. Texture Mode let’s you import images to paint with. You can rotate, color-tint and scale the textures, and apply them to individual cells or you can make them tile globally across all tiles.

We’ve been playing a LOT of TowerFall by Matt Thorson lately. This fan art piece by Ted uses a fabric texture applied globally so that it tiles across the whole piece.


Did I mention that we’ve been playing a LOT of TowerFall? ;) Here’s another piece of fan art made with texture mode (below). This one uses a special function in the new Voronoi mode that stretches the texture to the corners of each voronoi cell. All the cells look a little different, but they all use the same texture.

TowerFall_Ted_2_sm TowerFall_Ted_2_crop_620

Below are a few more pieces that use Texture Mode in a variety of ways:

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