Author: Ted Martens

Samurai Gunn is out

SamuraiGunn_620click image for 1920×1080 version

Our good friend Beau Blyth (aka @teknopants) has released his awesome-ly visceral local multiplayer game, Samurai Gunn. If you like fast combat platformers like Smash Bros or TowerFall, you’ll love this game!

I drew this fan art with diamond shape mode in Hexels (Voronoi or Custom Shape preset) and used Texture mode, too. I also made this alternate version because I was hungry and it looked like a burger to me :)

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Trixel Tuesday: Hanke, Sparth, Fish, Ttstreet, Kochalka, mdk7


Daft Punk – Broken Cities. Dark, Bladerunner-esque fan art made by graphic designer and illustrator, Natalie Hanke.


Environment artwork made by legendary artist, Sparth aka Nicolas Bouvier. I love the colors in this piece and the brilliant use of the outline tool for the people and their shadows. Sparth was the Lead Concept Artist for Halo 4, and he has worked on Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia – Warrior Within, Rage, among others and has a jaw-dropping art book called Structura. We’re both honored that he likes drawing with Hexels :)


 “WATER TEMPLE!!! BLOOD TEMPLE!!!” another radical Hexels piece from FEZ creator, Phil Fish! I love the duality of this one.

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Devlog: Hexels 1.2 Update – Voronoi Shape Mode


We’ve been keeping busy adding exciting new features to Hexels. This one is Voronoi Shape Mode and it will be in Hexels Pro version 1.2. It has a shattered effect like broken glass, and every shape is different. It adds a lot of randomness to drawing and is really fun to work with:) Here’s a Pokémon stained glass fan art piece I’m working on.


Close-up of the voronoi grid. The grid is generated and you paint on it. You can also manipulate the grid in a few different ways shown in the videos below:

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FZ: Side Z – FEZ remix album


FZ: Side Z is out! It’s part 2 of the official remix album based on Disasterpeace’s incredible, dynamic soundtrack for FEZ. I’m honored to have drawn the album cover artwork (with Hexels!), inspired by the visually stunning world made by Phil Fish and the dimensional mess-with-your-head programming by Renaud Bédard. Give it a listen – it’s sooo good!

Here’s a hi-res version of the cover. By the way, FEZ is finally out on Steam! If you haven’t already seen the majesty of FEZ, watch the trailer on Polytron’s site.

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