Author: Ted Martens

Zero Suit Samus fan art


Now that the holidays are over and the v1.2 update of Pixel Fireplace is out, Ken and I are switching gears back over to Hexels. We had some exciting hexel-happenings in 2012 that I haven’t posted yet (catching up now!). One of which was being asked by Chris Furniss (Weekly Geek) to make some guest artwork for his tribute book about Zero Suit Samus which was successfully kickstarted last year. Here’s my contribution to the book next to Ashley Davis’ (Odd Looking Bird, No Marios) wonderful piece, as well as all the art goodies I got in the mail from Chris’ Kickstarter :) It turned out fantastic, and the print quality on everything is phenomenal!

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Photo Round Up – Cozy Kitty Edition

We love getting messages and photos from people about much they love Pixel Fireplace. Here are a few kitty photos from we’ve received :3 If you have any pics of your pet enjoying Pixel Fireplace that you’d like to share with us, send ‘em on over (hexraystudios [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll add them too the album!

James, our house cat, on his throne

Thanks Cati Huff for sending us two cute photos of Ezzy enjoying PF :3

Ezzy the kitty zzZZzzz’ing

Aesa (ace-uh) taking a load off from a full day of cat’n it up

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