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Hexels demo by Natalie Hanke at the up.front meetup in Berlin

upfrontOur friend, Natalie Hanke, will be doing a Hexels demo and talk March 12th at the up.front monthly meetup in Berlin. Go check it out if you’re in Berlin! Here’s a very nice description of the talk from the site <3:

“Developed by Hex-Ray Studios, Hexels is a new grid-based art program for Mac and PC, which allows you to paint with shapes. Since it launched a few days ago, this short talk will show you Hexels in action, provide some examples of already existing funky artwork and give some information on the two awesome guys behind it.”

Here are some samples of Natalie’s hexel-skills. The first is her Shadow of the Colossus fan art piece, Beautiful Weakness, where she redesigned the weak-point sigil. Below that is the same piece using her Crystal custom shape which we added to the custom shape presets menu. (try using Crystals at an opacity of 70% or so to see how the shapes overlap, causing the colors to mix)

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Hexels is out! – Trixel Tuesday – Made in Hexels Tumblr

GreatWave_ESMP Beautiful trixel interpretation by ESMP of Hokusai’s The Great Wave at Kanagawa

Hexels is out! It’s the first Trixel Tuesday after launch, and look at all this amazing artwork! We put up a tumblr called Made in Hexels and have been posting Hexels-made works on there. Go check it out and see what people are doing! It’ll be updated regularly. Ken and I have been so excited about all the great things people are making with Hexels and saying about it. Thanks, all of you!

justinchan_minecraftI love this Minecraft fan art made by Justin Chan. Check out his other incredible artwork, too! UPDATE: Justin has made prints of this piece available here!

Dom2D_HexCatAnimated Hex Cat piece by Dom2D. This is now my phone’s wallpaper and lock screen :3

Dom2D_SWAAnother great piece by Dom2D called Swa.

Cellusious_Ted_collab_artTrixel piece that I collaborated on with Cellusious, an amazing pixel artist. He made the boss and the squid guys and I made the rest. Trixel shmup yeah!

slasho_tribalSweet neo-tribal piece made by Slasho (I just made up the term neo-tribal)

scott_greig_skullA blocky Skull by Scott Greig. He’s got this design available on t-shirts!

cniangel_life“Life” by CNIAngel. Prints available here. I love how he shaded this.

cniangel_ribbonRibbons by CNIAngelPrints available here.

skullboySuper charming character designAcoustic Skull Boy by letsbrock.


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Trixel Ribbon

It’s time for another Trixel Tuesday! This is a typeface I made for some Hexels Pro banners I’ve been working on. I have no idea how to turn it into a computer font (or whatever you call it), but since it’s intended for titles and headers I don’t think that’s necessary. Here it is in a few different formats:



.AI (with same-colors grouped so they can be changed easily)

.PNG (with a transparent background)

This was made in the pro version of our grid-based art program called Hexels that will be released here on our website on Thursday Feb 28th!

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Hexels Release Date – Feb 28 – Launch Sale

We have a release date! Hexels and Hexels Pro will be released on February 28th with a week-long launch sale at $14.99 (25% off the normal price of $19.99)! We are both so excited to finally get it available to everyone.

Hexels is a new grid-based art program that let’s you paint with shapes. Example art and feature details here.

We’ll be putting together a press kit soon and this page will be updated with a link as well as the Hexels page on the sidebar.

Update: Here’s a version of the release date poster without the price info.

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