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Meta Hexa by Mr. Div

Mr. Div posted a new motion graphics gif today inspired by Hexels! He used After Affects with a plugin called trapcode form. Here’s a making-of video clip that he posted on Vine.

If you haven’t seen his work, Mr. Div makes mesmerizing motion graphics using geometry. Below is one of my favorites, it makes me think of a re-imagined Casio digital watch display (before Indiglo). You can see the rest on his Tumblr.

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Trixel Tuesdays

Ken and I are done with all the development and tweaks for v1.0 of Hexels! It’s finally ready for release after a year and a half in development. We are insanely excited about being able to get it out there for people to try, and see what new artwork comes of it. There are a few things left to do like making the purchase page here on our site, and making some videos, but we’re pretty sure we can make it all happen and release before the end of the month.

I’m going to start making and posting trixel art on Trixel Tuesdays. Here’s the first one. Above is a Trixel Fireplace piece I made, and I added some wallpaper versions to the Goodies page. I got the idea from this beautiful piece of trixel fan art for Pixel Fireplace (below) made by my friend, Clemens Scott of Broken Rules (Chasing Aurora, And Yet It Moves). I was so surprised when he showed it to me because Hexels doesn’t currently have any animation features. It turned out that he made 8 separate files and put them together in Photoshop. Thanks again, Clemens! You can find more of his incredible work on his Tumblr.

Artist, graphic designer, and MVP Hexels beta tester, Natalie Hanke, has made a stunning series of 5 prints using Trixel shape mode combined with her workflow in Illustrator. Here’s Study of Suprematism – Print V. Click the image to see the other 4.

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Zero Suit Samus fan art


Now that the holidays are over and the v1.2 update of Pixel Fireplace is out, Ken and I are switching gears back over to Hexels. We had some exciting hexel-happenings in 2012 that I haven’t posted yet (catching up now!). One of which was being asked by Chris Furniss (Weekly Geek) to make some guest artwork for his tribute book about Zero Suit Samus which was successfully kickstarted last year. Here’s my contribution to the book next to Ashley Davis’ (Odd Looking Bird, No Marios) wonderful piece, as well as all the art goodies I got in the mail from Chris’ Kickstarter :) It turned out fantastic, and the print quality on everything is phenomenal!

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