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Devlog: Hexels 1.1 Update – image as canvas background, flatten to canvas, draw-layer opacity


Starting in the 1.1 update of Hexels Pro and the free version of Hexels, you’ll be able to import an image to the canvas! You can use a background image as a reference, composite hexels or other shapes on top of it. Just click “Choose Image” and adjust the canvas size to make the image fit the canvas and to get the hexels/shapes to the size that you want. Next you can lower the opacity of the draw-layer (called Hexel Opacity above) to see the image while you draw. Setting the opacity to zero is a way to show, draw, and export the glow by itself, too! (works well along side .svg export since that doesn’t export the glow)


I made this this RUNNER 2 fan art piece for my friends over at Gaijin who make awesome games with a hell of a lot of style. Go check em out! For this, I used the features I mentioned plus the “Flatten to Canvas” feature. This new feature let’s you flatten your drawing, so that you can draw on top with a different shape mode or do selective glow. The first shape is a very thin diagonal line I made with the Custom Shape Editor and the glowy shape on top is the Brixel shape preset that I slanted to match the lines’ angle. Below are some short making-of videos for this piece.

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Devlog: Hexels 1.1 update – Trixel Pitch Adjustment


Daft Punk, my favorite robots, are coming out with a new album soon, so I made this fan art album cover with Hexels Pro (click to enlarge) to celebrate! It uses pitch adjustment - a new feature for trixel shape mode coming in the 1.1 Update April 18th. Pitch let’s you create right-angle trixels that align to a vertical/horizontal grid as well as a slant.


Pitch adjustment skews all of the trixels and canvas (see videos below). You also have the option not to preserve the alignment which gives you an effect like the second video.

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Devlog: Hexels 1.1 update – Rotated Trixels


Ken has added 90 degree rotated trixels to Hexels Pro which will be available in the Hexels Pro 1.1 Update coming Thursday April 18 along with more neat features and tweaks that we’ll be announcing in the next few days. This has been a frequently requested feature, and we can’t wait to see what you make with it.

Rotating trixels 90 degrees allows you to make vertical isometric artwork like the above drawing I made. Here you can see the individual triangle shapes that make up the drawing and how they allow for isometric art like this.

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