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Trixel Tuesday – coffee, meat, skulls, triangles

Happy Trixel Tuesday! Justin Chan surprised us with this incredible Hexels tribute piece a couple days ago, and I’m still giddy about it. Getting a poster printed soon – thanks again Justin!

Speaking of posters, here’s another stunning piece that’ll be finding a home on my wall soon. Ty Dunitz (@glitchritual) made it with pencil + Hexels Pro + Photoshop.

I saw my friend’s band On An On play this weekend, and I thought I’d use Trixel Tuesday as an excuse to make a band poster for them. Give them a listen on bandcamp, they’re really good! They’re headed to SXSW and will be playing in Austin March 13 – 16. I painted the background with right-angle, shifted trixels. Then I added texture and made the ‘On An On’ letters in Photoshop. Here’s the trixel background by itself.

Another juicy piece by Ty Dunitz. “If it doesn’t bleed, it ain’t lunch!” . Hexels Pro + Photoshop.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks by Ben Bruce. I love the reflection he added. Update: Ben Bruce wrote a review for Hexels, read it here.

Sworcery fan art by Diane Mueller (@MadamBerry). The Gogolithic Mass gazing up at the moon.

These were all partly or entirely made with the pro version of Hexels which is a grid-based art program designed and created by Ken and I. Hexels is free, and trixel shape mode is available in Hexels Pro along with the Custom Shape Editor, outlines, high res export, and a bunch of other neat stuff. Also, check out all the other great artwork made with both versions on the Made in Hexels tumblr.

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