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Announcing “Hex-Ray Vision” – Isometric Augmented Reality App

hexray_vision_1Today we’re announcing Hex-Ray Vision ! It’s an amazing new augmented reality app for iOS that makes the real world look isometric using your iPhone 5s camera!

Hex-Ray Vision uses the awesome picture-taking capabilities of the iPhone 5s to create an isometric representation of the world.  There’s a ton of math and image processing involved, but here’s the basic principle:  The iPhone 5s has two flashes for its camera.  By taking a picture with one flash and then the other, the same scene is lit from two slightly different angles.  Comparing the two pictures allows Hex-Ray Vision to estimate the surface normal at each point in the image.  Finally, a little cleanup and image processing lets us turn the world into Trixels!




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Hexels 1.2.0 released Nov 24th


After months of work (we started Hexels 1.2.0 back in April, before Hexels 1.1 was even out), we’re thrilled to finally have the Hexels 1.2.0 update ready for release this coming Sunday November 24th! It has some significant and unique new features to mess around with that we think you’ll love. We can’t wait to see what you make! See more details about the new features below.

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