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Fan art for a radical game made by radical people – Ridiculous Fishing

Our friends, VlambeerZach Gage, and Greg Wohlwend, have finally released Ridiculous Fishing for iOS! It’s a beautiful remake of Vlambeer’s award winning game Radical Fishing from 2010. Go grab it! It’s hellafuuuuunnnn.

This is some fan art I made for them a few weeks ago, it uses the diamond preset shape and the outline tool in Hexels Pro.

p.s. Click on the image to see it at full, iPhone 5 resolution.

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Hexels Release Date – Feb 28 – Launch Sale

We have a release date! Hexels and Hexels Pro will be released on February 28th with a week-long launch sale at $14.99 (25% off the normal price of $19.99)! We are both so excited to finally get it available to everyone.

Hexels is a new grid-based art program that let’s you paint with shapes. Example art and feature details here.

We’ll be putting together a press kit soon and this page will be updated with a link as well as the Hexels page on the sidebar.

Update: Here’s a version of the release date poster without the price info.

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Devlog: Hexels in action – Trixels shape mode and speed paint video

Last week Ken added a new, insanely-fun shape mode to the Hexels beta – trixels (triangle pixels). It lets you paint with right-side-up and up-side-down triangles at the same time – a feature that I’ve been dreaming of for awhile. I’m really excited that this feature is in, it opens up a lot of doors for creativity and possibilities for shape modes and features in the future. Below is the first Hexels speed paint video showing how it was drawn.

We’re now finished adding features to the beta, and we’re focusing on bugs and polish to get it released as soon as we can. Thanks to all of you for your patience. has said that the program would be “coming 2012 (probably)” for…over a year (oops! bad estimate). We thought it would be ready a lot sooner, but we kept thinking of cool stuff to add to it! ;)

The art tool will be released in two versions. Hexels with the standard draw mode and default glow, and Hexels Pro with all of the various draw modes including trixels and custom shape mode, all the features such as the outline tool and custom glow shapes, unlimited export resolution and export to .svg, and data export to .xml and .csv. We’ll post a detailed break down of the differences later and we’ll keep you posted on the release timeline via our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Colors Update for Pixel Fireplace Mac & PC

Pixel Fireplace is now available for both Mac and PC along with a brand new content update – Colors!

You can download it here and try the demo, unlock the full version including the Colors update by purchasing an activation code. Have a warm winter and pleasant holidays, ya’ll :)

P.S. The Mac App Store update is still in review (this is a busy time of year for them, I imagine), you’ll see the red update badge on your Mac App Store any day now.

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