Devlog: Hexels 1.2 Update – Voronoi Shape Mode


We’ve been keeping busy adding exciting new features to Hexels. This one is Voronoi Shape Mode and it will be in Hexels Pro version 1.2. It has a shattered effect like broken glass, and every shape is different. It adds a lot of randomness to drawing and is really fun to work with:) Here’s a Pokémon stained glass fan art piece I’m working on.


Close-up of the voronoi grid. The grid is generated and you paint on it. You can also manipulate the grid in a few different ways shown in the videos below:

Stay tuned for more details about Voronoi Shape Mode and the other new features we’re adding to Hexels! These features will be in v1.2, but for now you can go here to download Hexels (it’s free!) or Hexels Pro and start enjoying the fun features we’ve already released :)