Devlog: Hexels 1.1 update – Rotated Trixels


Ken has added 90 degree rotated trixels to Hexels Pro which will be available in the Hexels Pro 1.1 Update coming Thursday April 18 along with more neat features and tweaks that we’ll be announcing in the next few days. This has been a frequently requested feature, and we can’t wait to see what you make with it.

Rotating trixels 90 degrees allows you to make vertical isometric artwork like the above drawing I made. Here you can see the individual triangle shapes that make up the drawing and how they allow for isometric art like this.


You can use trixels to make non-isometric artwork too, of course. Here’s our Hex-Ray logo, and I used the ‘Vertical’ glow shape made by Ben Bruce who has made some really cool artwork with Hexels. Grab his glow shape collection for free.


Ken and I are really excited about this feature and the other rad stuff that will be in the 1.1 update, so stay tuned to see what they are!