Devlog: Hexels 1.1 update – Trixel Pitch Adjustment


Daft Punk, my favorite robots, are coming out with a new album soon, so I made this fan art album cover with Hexels Pro (click to enlarge) to celebrate! It uses pitch adjustment - a new feature for trixel shape mode coming in the 1.1 Update April 18th. Pitch let’s you create right-angle trixels that align to a vertical/horizontal grid as well as a slant.


Pitch adjustment skews all of the trixels and canvas (see videos below). You also have the option not to preserve the alignment which gives you an effect like the second video.

These features will be coming to Hexels Pro this Thursday. Try out the free version of Hexels and see if ya like it! And check out the Made in Hexels tumblr to see some of the AMAZING art people are making.