Hexels Devlog: Texture Mode aka Hextures ;)


We’re excited to finally show you yet another feature that will be added to Hexels in version 1.2. Texture Mode let’s you import images to paint with. You can rotate, color-tint and scale the textures, and apply them to individual cells or you can make them tile globally across all tiles.

We’ve been playing a LOT of TowerFall by Matt Thorson lately. This fan art piece by Ted uses a fabric texture applied globally so that it tiles across the whole piece.


Did I mention that we’ve been playing a LOT of TowerFall? ;) Here’s another piece of fan art made with texture mode (below). This one uses a special function in the new Voronoi mode that stretches the texture to the corners of each voronoi cell. All the cells look a little different, but they all use the same texture.

TowerFall_Ted_2_sm TowerFall_Ted_2_crop_620

Below are a few more pieces that use Texture Mode in a variety of ways:



This feature will be added for free in the v1.2 update of Hexels Pro and a limited version of it will be available in the free version.