Hexels Pricing Update

Hello!  Ken here, with exciting news about Hexels!  The world is changing! Many famous products have switched to free or subscription-based pricing models:  Unreal Engine, Unity, and, perhaps most importantly, Adobe Creative Cloud.  Over the past year, we’ve been considering a similar change, and we finally figured out how it’s going to work.

Today, I’m very happy to announce that Hexels will switching to subscription-based pricing.  For a modest monthly payment, you’ll get access to one of the most innovative drawing tools out there.  There will be a number of price tiers to fit the budget of any artist:

  • Dabbler:  $0.99/month, 500 hexels per month*, and gives access to the Hexels, Plus, and Pixel shape mode.
  • Hobbyist:  $1.99/month, 2500 hexels per month*, includes all shape modes of the Dabbler level, plus Voronoi mode and the Glow feature.
  • Indie:         $3.99/month,  10,000 hexels per month*, all shape modes, Glow, and Layers.
  • Pro:            $9.99/month, unlimited hexels, and all shape modes and features of Hexels Pro.
  • Corporate:  $49.99/month, all the perks of the Pro level, plus access to the Hex-Ray pager number for when you need late-night support.

We feel this new pricing model puts us in line with other art tools and with the latest social games, and we hope it’s also beneficial to those who previously couldn’t afford to purchase Hexels.

We’ll post more updates on this and other features of the next version of Hexels as soon as they’re ready for prime time.  Stay tuned!



*Please note that the per-month hexel limit does NOT include hexels that are erased.  So if you make a mistake and correct it, it won’t cut into your limit.