Hexels Public Beta (1.1.2b 2108)

Are you eager to get your hands on the latest version of Hexels, even if it’s a little rough around the edges?  This is the place.  This page will have pre-release copies of Hexels that include the latest bug-fixes and new features. Be aware that the major releases with big new features (such as the upcoming Hexels 1.2) won’t be posted here, but you’ll still find cool new enhancements that haven’t made it to the official release version yet.

Things to remember before using this beta:

  • This is a beta!  It might have problems.  We’ve fixed all the ones we’ve found, but there could be others. (that’s why we’re putting it up here in the first place)
  • Back up your Hexels files before using this beta.  Files saved with it are not guaranteed to be compatible with past or future versions of Hexels. (this has never actually happened; they should be just fine, but it’s conceivable.)
  • Features in this beta may or may not make it to the release version
  • PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK.  Feedback, feature requests, and bug reports are a major way we make Hexels better.  Hexels’ built-in feedback form under the Help menu is the best way to let us know about your Hexels experience–it immediately sends us an email.

Note:  You can check your build number by clicking the Hexels icon at the top-left of the Hexels main window.

Note2:  We are super close to releasing Hexels 1.1.2, so be brutal when providing feedback (:


Did you read that?  Are you gonna let us know how you like it?  Okay here are the links!

Current beta version:  1.1.2 build 2108 (Uploaded September 8, 2013)
Download for Windows
Download for Mac

Features and Improvements:

  • “Export Again” feature lets you update your exported image without dealing with the dialogs. (Great for when you’re using Hexels as part of your art asset pipeline)
  • Adjust vertical spacing for custom shapes.
  • Trixel demo mode for free users!  Now free users can get a taste of how much fun it is to draw with triangles.
  • Fixed that bug where the grid would come on and you couldn’t turn it off. (We hope.  Let us know if it happens again.  It’s supposed to show up only when changing certain settings.)
  • A preferences option to disable FBOs (the most common solution to the support emails we get)
  • The floating render options window should act normal when using multiple monitors.
  • If you were having problems with cursor position when using a Cintiq, that should be fixed.
  • Aspect ratio of imported glow images is now preserved.
  • (Windows Only)If you try to export an image that’s larger than Windows will let you create, Hexels will show a dialog, rather than crashing.
  • Fixed a bunch of smaller bugs no one probably noticed (: