Hexels Release Notes

Version 1.2.0

Our biggest update ever!  We started on Hexels 1.2 back in April, before we’d even released 1.1.  We were actually at a game jam in Iowa City when we came up with the idea for texturing, and busted out an early version of the feature as our project for the jam.

  • Texturing!  Apply textures to your art in a variety of ways for subtle and not-so-subtle effects (free version is limited to 3 textures, but you can use any 3 you want)
  • Voronoi shape mode.  Morph between Hexels, Trixels, pixels, and diamonds, and add jitter for randomness.  Works really can’t describe how neat this is.  (free mode is limited to a smallish canvas, but you can still do a lot of neat stuff with it)
  • Halftone mode:  Shrink shapes via their opacity for awesome effects.
  • Examples gallery:  A showcase of Hexels files demonstrating many different techniques it can do.
  • Wrapping:  All shape modes can now create tileable images for use as textures and patterns.
  • Image import.  Finally, by popular request.  Import images in a variety of ways to turn them into Hexels. (pro only)
  • Color adjustments:  brightness, contrast, hue, the usual stuff.  Pro only.
  • Custom shape mode lets you tile your shapes in new ways:  flip them or rotate them per column or per row.
  • Tons of things we can’t even think of.  Lots of bug fixes, stability improvements, performance embetterments.
  • Oh yeah and better scrollbars, finally.



Version 1.1.2:

We’ve fixed a lot of bugs in developing Hexels 1.2, and we decided we wanted to get those fixes to you sooner, rather than making you wait for the release of 1.2    But to make it worth your while, we also put in a couple of the smaller features we had been saving for version 1.2:

  • “Export Again” lets you re-export your art quickly, without having to deal with dialog boxes and questions regarding your desire to replace the old file.  This is super useful if you’re using Hexels to make art assets for another project.
  • Vertical spacing for the custom shape editor (Hexels Pro only)
  • Free Trixels Lite mode for the free version.  Just enough to see how cool they are (:
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor would be in the wrong position when using a Wacom Cintiq on Windows
  • The floating Render Options no longer jumps around when using multiple monitors.
  • The light-up grid should now turn off properly (and can be disabled in preferences)
  • Importing a glow image now preserves its aspect ratio
  • Fixed a bug where the first click of a marquee selection would take brush size into account
  • Trixel mode properly saves the state of the “Preserve Alignment” box
  • Greyscale images can be loaded properly.
  • The little checkerboard background is now the same size regardless of if anti-aliasing is on
  • (Windows) if you try to export an image at a larger size than Windows can allocate memory for, Hexels will give you a dialog box and a chance to reduce your export size, rather than crashing
  • (Windows) Hexels should no longer force itself to the front when updating the export progress bar

Version 1.1.1:

A few more bug fixes, plus some small features

  • Fixed a bug where Hexels files would occasionally become unreadable.
  • Better support for pen pressure and tablet eraser.
  • Flip your selection horizontally or vertically.
  • Higher performance and responsiveness while drawing by temporarily switching to slightly lower-quality visuals
  • Your pan and zoom are now saved into your file so you can resume work right where you left off.
  • Clearer user interface for the outline tool’s erase mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the grey canvas background didn’t show up properly on some AMD graphics cards.
  • Better support for JPEGs by using Chad Austin’s Corona project for backup image loading.
  • File reading process is more resistant to crashing if there’s bad data inside the Hexels file.

Version 1.1.0:

Our first update with lots of bug fixes and some great new features!

Cool stuff:

  • Rotated and pitched Trixels!  Use Trixels in totally new ways! (pro only)
  • Canvas image import for reference or compositing! (Can sample colors from it too!)
  • Flatten-to-canvas option puts your current drawing in the background and lets you draw on top of it.
  • Fine control of pixel size of exported images
  • Recent Items can be found under the File menu
  • Pixel shape for Custom Shape mode
  • Hexel opacity slider in Document tab (keeps glow and background)
  • Pan, zoom, and text input for the custom shade editor (pro only)
  • Export glow layer alone (without Hexels) (pro only)
  • You can now delete outlines by selecting and pressing delete. (Pro only)
  • Lots of new startup tips.

Minor Stuff

  • Fixed the Intel shader bug!
  • No longer auto-quits on computers with very poor OpenGL support (oops!)
  • Toggling grid no longer turns HDR mode on
  • Improved canvas cropping for Trixels and Custom Shape
  • Fixed the free version showing “Pro” on the splash screen
  • Better background in the export window
  • Hexels will ask before it checks for updates the first time
  • Grid no longer vanishes on selected Hexels
  • Selected hexels move better in certain situations (such as making a square grid with the custom shape tool)
  • Zoom tool centers on your mouse click
  • Fixed a bug where lines would show up and then vanish when the mouse is released outside the canvas
  • Fixed a bug where extra outlines would appear if you select all->move
  • Added hotkey (i) for color drop tool (you can still press alt/option to switch to it)
  • Made dialogs and alerts friendlier
  • You can move Trixels in finer vertical increments now
  • Floating Render Options window no longer jumps back to its standard place when you close and re-open it
  • Checkbox for high quality glow right in the Glow window
  • Improved detection of shader errors
  • Finer control of glow radius
  • Fixed bugs relating to use of tablet pen pressure
  • Option to skip an update and wait for the next version
  • Grid lights up when you change shape in Trixel and Plus mode
  • Copy and pasted Hexels should now always be on-screen
  • Reduced idle processor load
  • Fixed the file format for compatibility between Mac and PC versions
  • Saving should now go to the proper directory in Windows

Version 1.0.0:

Initial awesome release!