Hexels demo by Natalie Hanke at the up.front meetup in Berlin

upfrontOur friend, Natalie Hanke, will be doing a Hexels demo and talk March 12th at the up.front monthly meetup in Berlin. Go check it out if you’re in Berlin! Here’s a very nice description of the talk from the site <3:

“Developed by Hex-Ray Studios, Hexels is a new grid-based art program for Mac and PC, which allows you to paint with shapes. Since it launched a few days ago, this short talk will show you Hexels in action, provide some examples of already existing funky artwork and give some information on the two awesome guys behind it.”

Here are some samples of Natalie’s hexel-skills. The first is her Shadow of the Colossus fan art piece, Beautiful Weakness, where she redesigned the weak-point sigil. Below that is the same piece using her Crystal custom shape which we added to the custom shape presets menu. (try using Crystals at an opacity of 70% or so to see how the shapes overlap, causing the colors to mix)

And here’s a fan art piece of Super Hexagon by Natalie that uses the diagonal shape (found in Custom > Presets). Click on the image to see the full size and details. Thanks again Natalie for being a super-friend, giving the talk, and making amazing work! <3

Other than the rainbow glow, everything in these pieces can be made using the free version of Hexels. Go try it out, it’s freeeeeeee!