Hexels v1.2 Devlog: Halftone Painting


We’ve added another awesome feature to Hexels that will be available in version 1.2 (both free and Pro). Halftone Mode will let you build up the size of hexels/trixels/cubes/circles/ALL SHAPE MODES as you paint over them by using the opacity slider :) It gives it a screenprint or magazine print sort of look for some shapes, especially the Halftone Dots shape that we’re adding to Presets in Custom Shape Mode. You’ll also have the option to “replace the size of shapes with current” rather than building them up.

Above is an album cover Ted drew for Scattle’s remix of Disasterpeace’s FEZ song, Forgotten using Halftone Mode and the pixel preset (and a whole lot of glow because teleporter ;) . By the way, did you hear that FEZ II was announced yesterday??


Above shows different shape modes with Halftone Mode applied, and below are some short clips of it in action.


Also,  rumor has it there will be some Hexels-made art in Double Fine‘s adventure game, Broken Age! Broken Age was Double Fine’s first Kickstarter project that was gloriously overfunded by their loyal fans because Double Fine is just that awesome. We are both so excited that there will be art in the game that was made with our program! :)