It’s time for 7DFPS! And some free Hexels!



The annual 7DFPS (7 day first person shooter) game jam starts in just two hours!  If you haven’t participated in this jam before, you’re missing out.  You get seven days to make a first person shooter.  Any sort of first person shooter.  And every year, people stretch the definition of first person shooter in new, crazy ways.  Last year, Hex-Ray teamed up with Justin Chan to make Grapple Truck for 7DFPS, and we had a ton of fun.

Each year, companies like Unity and Yo-Yo Games offer free time-limited licenses of their products to support the 7DFPS jammers.  This year, the organizers of 7DFPS honored us by asking if we could do the same with Hexels Pro.  Of course we said yes.  So we cooked up a version of Hexels Pro 1.3–the beta with layers,  animation (with spritesheet export), a new shape mode, and lots of other great stuff–that’s totally free for the week of 7DFPS.

You can download it here:



Remember, this is a beta version that contains the two features people have been asking for most, so we would love to hear what you think about it.

Good luck jamming, and if you end up using  Hexels for your game, please let us know so we can give you a shout-out (and pat ourselves on the back) ;)