Hexels Devlog: Texture Mode aka Hextures ;)


We’re excited to finally show you yet another feature that will be added to Hexels in version 1.2. Texture Mode let’s you import images to paint with. You can rotate, color-tint and scale the textures, and apply them to individual cells or you can make them tile globally across all tiles.

We’ve been playing a LOT of TowerFall by Matt Thorson lately. This fan art piece by Ted uses a fabric texture applied globally so that it tiles across the whole piece.


Did I mention that we’ve been playing a LOT of TowerFall? ;) Here’s another piece of fan art made with texture mode (below). This one uses a special function in the new Voronoi mode that stretches the texture to the corners of each voronoi cell. All the cells look a little different, but they all use the same texture.

TowerFall_Ted_2_sm TowerFall_Ted_2_crop_620

Below are a few more pieces that use Texture Mode in a variety of ways:

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Hexels v1.2 Devlog: Halftone Painting


We’ve added another awesome feature to Hexels that will be available in version 1.2 (both free and Pro). Halftone Mode will let you build up the size of hexels/trixels/cubes/circles/ALL SHAPE MODES as you paint over them by using the opacity slider :) It gives it a screenprint or magazine print sort of look for some shapes, especially the Halftone Dots shape that we’re adding to Presets in Custom Shape Mode. You’ll also have the option to “replace the size of shapes with current” rather than building them up.

Above is an album cover Ted drew for Scattle’s remix of Disasterpeace’s FEZ song, Forgotten using Halftone Mode and the pixel preset (and a whole lot of glow because teleporter ;) . By the way, did you hear that FEZ II was announced yesterday??


Above shows different shape modes with Halftone Mode applied, and below are some short clips of it in action.

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