FZ: Side Z – FEZ remix album


FZ: Side Z is out! It’s part 2 of the official remix album based on Disasterpeace’s incredible, dynamic soundtrack for FEZ. I’m honored to have drawn the album cover artwork (with Hexels!), inspired by the visually stunning world made by Phil Fish and the dimensional mess-with-your-head programming by Renaud Bédard. Give it a listen – it’s sooo good!

Here’s a hi-res version of the cover. By the way, FEZ is finally out on Steam! If you haven’t already seen the majesty of FEZ, watch the trailer on Polytron’s site.

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Hexels Image Import Tool!

Hey folks,

Ken here.  If you don’t know me, I did all the programming for Hexels.  So if it crashes or something, that’s my fault.  Currently it seems pretty freakin stable tho, and that makes me pretty happy.  That means I can focus on features and functionality rather than stability.  The most commonly requested feature for Hexels (other than rotated Trixels, which are in 1.1) is image import.  In theory, this is super easy to do, but we wanna do it right, with plenty of options and adjustments so you can import images exactly like you want.  However, we also don’t want to limit what people can do with Hexels just because we haven’t fine-tuned a feature yet. Also, I was inspired by this piece:


Zelda pixel art by Nightshadezero http://nightshadezero.tumblr.com/post/47637266139

I really like the idea of using Hexels as sort of a “pixel art remix” tool.  So I decided to put together a standalone tool, called Image2HXL, for importing an image.  It’s very simple, and just maps each pixel to a hexel.  This means that if you use standard hexels mode, your image will be stretched a bit, so we recommend using the custom shape mode (it has a square pixel preset in Hexels 1.1) with the files it generates.  To use Image2HXL, just drop an image onto the Image2HXL program and it’ll create a Hexels file in the same directory as the image.  You can download it for Mac and PC now from the Goodies section of our site.  Check it out and let us know what you think!  And in case it wasn’t clear, image import is definitely coming in a future version of Hexels…possibly the next version!

Thanks for reading…I need to post more often!


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