Pixel Fireplace press kit

Short description
Pixel Fireplace is a cozy, type-controlled application that let’s you interact with the fire with commands like log, match, marshmallow, smore, firecracker, and waterTry Pixel Fireplace for free. Buy the full version for $2.99 to get all the commands.

Long description
Pixel Fireplace is a cozy, type-controlled, big-pixeled application. Throw on some fresh logs, roast marshmallows, and discover more commands or just sit back and enjoy the warm, flickering pixels while the logs burn down in real time. The full version is now available for both Mac OS X and Windows and there’s a new content update available – v1.2 Colors.

Download Pixel Fireplace for free and try it out. Buy it for $2.99 to unlock the full version with all the commands. Stay warm this winter!

Ted’s backstory about it’s creation
I created Fireplace because I have fond memories of a crackling fireplace at my parent’s house during the winter while growing up. We also go on family vacations to the Rocky Mountains almost every year and build campfires. I didn’t have a fireplace at my apartment, in 2010, so I decided to design my own take on a yule-log type fireplace. I love pixel art so I went with extra-large pixels for abstraction combined with realistic sounds. I wanted it to behave like a real fireplace, so the logs burn down to ash in real time. (about 15 minutes per log). It was a perfect project for me while I was learning the very basics of programming (still a beginner).

My friend, Ken Kopecky, has helped me re-program it into the full version. We’ve added features since the original Fireplace Beta like a hint system for discovering commands that makes the letters turn gold when you’re on the right track, a wide screen layout, as well as new keyword commands. The latest update is v1.2 Colors which adds a bunch of color-related commands that *POOF* with a plume of smoke. My favorites are the color-combos like ‘sunset’, ‘aurora’, ‘dusk’, ‘plasma’, and ‘cottoncandy’.

What else is Hex-Ray up to?
We’re making a new digital painting tool called Hexels that is just about finished! It uses hexagon-shaped pixels as the base unit and the pro version has more features like drawing with isometric cubes and creating your own custom shapes to draw with. (trixels, foxels, T-Rexels, etc.)

Pixel Fireplace banner banner – click for sizes
Pixel Fireplace title scene title scene – click for full size
PF marshbox wallpaper 1366x768 1366×768 wallpaper


PF with custom made mantel at Poke in London – Photo credit – @mistersnappy http://instagram.com/p/S5kRwFjmtd/
Photo credit – Ross Martens http://instagram.com/p/SWEasTvbFt/
Photo credit – Adam Robezzoli (LA Game Space, Attract Mode)
Notch & Chris Hecker at GDC. Photo credit – Dan Tabar (Cortext Command)
Pixel Fireplace aurora One of the new color commands – ‘aurora’