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Pixel Fireplace FAQ

I have an idea for a command! How can I tell you guys?
Nearly everyone who tries Pixel Fireplace has ideas for commands that aren’t currently in it, and we love hearing them. Send us an email at support [at] hexraystudios [dot] com or a tweet @hexraystudios!

What’s the difference between buying Pixel Fireplace from the Mac App Store and buying it from your website?

Activation codes purchased from our site work for the direct Mac and PC versions. The Pixel Fireplace title screen will tell you when there’s an update available for you to download from our site. The Mac App Store version is Mac only (obv) and their store will notify you when an update is available.

Pixel Fireplace crashes when I launch it, or the graphics appear scrambled or distorted.
Check to see what version of Pixel Fireplace you are using. You can do this by clicking Pixel Fireplace in your Applications folder and selecting “Get Info” in the File menu. Version 1.1 and prior are affected by changes Apple made to Mac OS X after Pixel Fireplace was released that result in scrambled images. There is also a bug in Pixel Fireplace 1.1 that can cause it to crash on certain graphics cards. These problems are fixed as of Pixel Fireplace 1.2. If you have version 1.2 or newer of Pixel Fireplace and are experiencing problems, please contact us so we can help you resolve it.