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Pixel Fireplace at Ahhhcade event – SFMOMA

Ken and I are both extremely excited to announce that Pixel Fireplace will be featured in a pop-up event at SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) on Thursday March 28 during the Game Developers Conference. It’s a one-day-only experimental games arcade called Ahhhcade with a theme of relaxation, cooperation, and open-world exploration. Go check it out if you’re in SF on that day, and take pictures for us please! It’s FREE, there’s no museum admission required, and the other projects are so intriguing! Read the full ahhh-nnouncement on Facebook.

Below are the other projects that will be featured at the event.

- SoundSelf (Robin Arnott + Evan Balster)

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Photo Round Up – Cozy Kitty Edition

We love getting messages and photos from people about much they love Pixel Fireplace. Here are a few kitty photos from we’ve received :3 If you have any pics of your pet enjoying Pixel Fireplace that you’d like to share with us, send ‘em on over (hexraystudios [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll add them too the album!

James, our house cat, on his throne

Thanks Cati Huff for sending us two cute photos of Ezzy enjoying PF :3

Ezzy the kitty zzZZzzz’ing

Aesa (ace-uh) taking a load off from a full day of cat’n it up

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