Trixel Tuesday: Etall, Emi Tolibas, Dominik Johann, Resrobin

tumblr_mqma2jWk3P1qa6q9uo1_r1_500 tumblr_mpsxcvTxLE1qa6q9uo1_500 tumblr_mq3v3ujThA1qa6q9uo1_r2_500 etall_floating_island_620

etall_boat_620The above pieces are a small collection of Hexels artwork that the talented and prolific Etall has been creating. Check out the other incredible artwork on her tumblr, Doodle a Day, and see prints that are for sale on her store like this amazing dragon vector piece.


emi_tolibas_thundercatsThis Batman and Thundercats fan art are made by Chicago artist, Emi Tolibas. If you’re lucky you might catch her at an art show in or near the city with a booth full of art!

dominik_johann_bloodbath_620Cover artwork for Haywire Magazine drawn by Dominik Johann. Find out more about and download the magazine here.

resrobin_highway_620Interesting aerial view of a highway, drawn by Resrobin.

All of these were created using Hexels Pro, our grid-based art program that let’s you paint with shapes. Download the free and Pro versions of Hexels here!