Trixel Tuesday: Eiten, Ahmed, Mdk7, Chandler, Etall, Ttstreet

josh_eiten_game_concept_artConcept art by Josh Eiten for a mysterious and intriguing project he’s working on.

samia_ahmed_blackletter_620Very creative use of trixels and outlines in this Blackletter style typography design by Samia Ahmed.

trixel_tearaway_by_mdk7_620Fan art by mdk7 for the unique new PS Vita game, Tearaway, by Media Molecule.

robo_chandler_portrait_620Portrait by Robo Chandler

etall_mountaingifetall_quantum_entanglementTwo animated gifs by Etall using shifted trixels for effect.

ZombieCity speedpaint video by Ttstreet

All of these were created using Hexels Pro, our grid-based art program that let’s you paint with shapes. Download the free and Pro versions of Hexels here!