Trixel Tuesday: The Way, Totems, Prince, Wild West, Geometric Death, Up


“the way” – another environment concept piece by Sparth (Lead Concept Artist for Halo 4)

cycat_totems_620Totems by CYCat


The Prince from Katamari Damacy made by hoodsandhats. Also, check out these adorable pixel art stickers of the Prince’s cousins! (possibly made with Hexels free)

dilago_cactus_620Wild West by Dilago

artworkmachine_620Geometric design by Sam Montana aka artworkmachine


Death Collective design made by Sam Montana


Trixel-ized piece of fan art for the movie Up. Made by Zo7al.

All of these were created using Hexels Pro, our new grid-based art program that let’s you paint with shapes. Download the free version of Hexels here!