Trixel Tuesday – Control, Hotline, Lion Heads, Tardis, Banana

Cover of Control Magazine International GDC edition The 38 Most Influential Game Mechanics made by Natalie Hanke. These will be floating around the Game Developers Conference, so grab a copy if you’re there!

Awesome fan art by mdk7 for the game Hotline Miami (Cactus).

A couple’o lion heads by Justin Chan.

Unique looking interface design by CNIAngel.

Doctor Who fan art drawn by Ben Bruce.

Portrait art for a prototype Sophie Houlden was working on for the Seven-day Roguelike Challenge. She made concept art with Hexels Pro and then did her own trixel-look in 3D for the environment.

Ship assets made by Ryan Malm for a game.

Banana by mnrART

I made trixel portraits of Ken and I for our About page.