Trixel Tuesday – Clairvoyance, Garden, Journey, Wiz Biz, Iso City, Marriage Equality

Clairvoyance fan art by Ciro Continisio
Clairvoyance fan art by Ciro Continisio (aka Tiny Colossus)


Garden Maze by Ben Bruce

Wizard Battle by RetroremakesWizard Battle by Retroremakes

trixel_omen_by_mdk7-d5yv6qeTrixel Omen - Gears of War fan art by mdk7

Journey fan art by mdk7Journey in Trixels - Journey fan art by mdk7

tumblr_mjwvxkJhIu1rthredo1_1280 Bedroom made by Josh Schmille

tumblr_mjvd5kWPnE1qaunbko1_1280I want to see a Sim City game that looks like this artwork made by daleof !

=Do the right thing, Supreme Court, support marriage equality.

All of these were created with Trixel Shape Mode in the Pro version of Hexels, a grid-based art program created by us that let’s you paint with shapes.